The Backyard Fence Installers In Marble Falls Work For Your Dream Home

The Backyard Fence Installers In Marble Falls Work For Your Dream Home

It might be time to finally get around to installing a backyard fence when you know what shows your neighbors are streaming on Netflix every night and vice versa. The type of fence may be a mystery to you, but if you know why you want your fence, it'll be much easier to decide. Open concept designs may be the new trend for the interior of your home, but the backyard hasn't had its moment to embrace an open concept design for residential fences unless you live amongst people you trust or family. Plus neighborhood critters think your backyard is the hangout of the neighborhood and thus leave their messes behind. Also, every time you let your dogs out to do their business, you have to be outside too just in case they decide to finally toughen up and actually chase the squirrel.

There are probably a lot more reasons that have been bothering you so now you've started your research for one of many home improvements. You need a fence that covers all of the problems you have without a fence: privacy, security, pet safety, and you probably want it to look good too for a reasonable cost to install it. Once you've considered all of those, your next step would be to find a backyard fence installer in Marble Falls who can make the fence of your dreams efficiently and properly. You will want to find someone who can do it right the first time.

Privacy and Security

To keep your Netflix shows a mystery from your neighbors, you probably don't want to waste your money on the installation costs for chainlink fencing. Chain link fences are too short and you can see right through them. Potential intruders could jump over a chainlink fence too, so it doesn't do much for security either. If you have a big dog, say a Great Dane, your dog can probably reach over the fence too. You might want to consider a wooden fence, a PVC fence, or a vinyl fence. All of these fence types allow you to choose the height and look of the material. Fence installation costs will be more expensive for more material, but it would be a good investment to keep the potential intruders out, keep your Great Dane contained for animal fencing, and keep your neighbors from peaking on your Netflix night.


Another fun part of building your fence is that you can choose exactly how it looks, but it all depends on how much maintenance you want to do. Wood fences, depending on what kind of wood you use such as cedar, spruce, pine, etc, could last a lifetime with minimal maintenance. However, if you live in an area that doesn't welcome wood well, your fence may rot. To avoid this, you can choose a vinyl or PVC fence. These fences can be as tall as you want, block outsiders, and can look like wood, with little to maintenance at all! You can paint your fence or add a design anywhere you want.

Local Contractor

Unless you want to do the math for the design, figure out how to buy your material, and install your fence somehow, you should decide which fence companies will be your backyard fence installer in Marble Falls just might be the better idea. Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. is one of the local companies near Burnet, Marble Falls, Horseshoe Bay, and the surrounding areas that work to serve their community. The family-owned business knows exactly what it's like to want a dream home and they work hard to make it come true for you. With years of experience and amazing customer service, the Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. team will work diligently throughout the project and keep you in the loop on all the phases and if any problems arise with fence installation costs. If you're not satisfied with your fence at any time,Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. are also great fence repairers and will work to get the project done to your standards.

Improve your backyard with a fence that works for you, personally made for you by the family-owned backyard fence installers in Marble Falls.