The Pros and the Cons of Chain Link Fence Installation

The Pros and the Cons of Chain Link Fence Installation

When your house was brand new and amongst some neighbors, a fence didn't seem necessary. But with all the hustle and bustle and more foot traffic and cars with a growing neighborhood, it might be time to consider looking at getting a chain link fence installated. Of course, the more neighbors the better, however, to avoid possible boundary issues such as whose responsibility it is to fix a broken sidewalk tile or handle a precarious tree branch, a fence can help dictate the answer. There are many types of materials for fencing that you can choose from: wood, vinyl, iron, and chain link. If you are looking for a quick and easy fence just to outline the boundaries of your property, a chain link fence can satisfy your needs. Here are some pros and cons of chain link fencing to consider if you need a fence.

Pros of Chain Link Fence Installation:

Affordability: The biggest benefit of chain link fencing is that it is more cost-efficient than other materials such as wood or vinyl. In the long run, the savings from a chain link fence can be worth it.

Containment: In many cases, fences keep people in or out. For homes that have small children or dogs, a chain link fence can prove beneficial to ensure any escape artist tricks your small children, or dogs may have. It is important to remember, however, that in the future, large breed dogs and older children may be able to jump over the fence. The solution to this is to plan a for a larger and higher fence!

Maintenance: Other materials used for fencing take much more maintenance compared to chain link fencing. Some wood fences last for 4-7 years and need to be resealed every other summer to protect it from nature. Chain link fencing, on the other hand, can be installed and forgotten. It can take multiple decades for them to rust and in most cases, your fence installer will use a protective coating to make it last even longer.

Cons of Chain Link Fence Installation:

Property Value: A fence can add value to your property but with chain link fencing, it will be minimal. For more value to entice any future buyers of your property, wooden or iron fencing would add to the aesthetic and the privacy of your property, upping its worth.

Privacy: While any fence helps outline the boundary of your property to people outside, people can still see the going on's in your yard. If you want to install a fence for the purpose of privacy, a chain link fence may not be the best choice. However, if you enjoy your neighbors with their dogs on a walk, a chain link fence will allow that.

Security: As mentioned in the pro list, when dogs or children grow larger, they may be able to jump over the fence eliminating the containment purpose. If they can jump out, someone may be able to jump into your property. Unless you want to add some unsightly barbed wire on top of your fence, you may want to choose a different material. However, the existence of any fence, including a chain link fence, gives people a boundary you expect them to respect.

If you choose chain link fence installation, Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. will be happy to serve you. Even if you decide to use a different material, our team will be happy to install it for you. We're a family centered contracting company with combined 50 years of experience and we know what clients need and will always go above and beyond to meet your standards.