Find A Local Fencing Contractors For The Home Of Your Dreams In Horseshoe Bay

Find A Local Fencing Contractors For The Home Of Your Dreams In Horseshoe Bay

When you first bought your property, your main worries probably consisted of all the mortgage payments, property taxes, water bills, electricity bills, and the list goes on. But after a few years of settling into your new home, you've gotten used to managing the finances and think it's time to consider adding that fence you wanted from the beginning. When you picture the all American home, there's probably a picket white fence. Now, given where you live, the picket white fence might just be your best option or your worst. Before you get started on your investment for a fence, here are a few things to consider.


Fences can be multi-functional. Your motivation to build one could be to increase the security of your property since the neighborhood dogs might think your lawn is the local washroom. You might want to build a fence to keep your pet from running into the street or to prevent someone from stealing your pet. Or simply, you want to add to your property value in the case that you might have to move away.

The purpose of your fence heavily impacts on the kind of fence you might consider. For added security, you may consider a tall wooden fence. To keep pets and children in for their safety, you can consider a chain-link fence just so your dog can see what's going on in the street. Any type of fence will add some kind of value to your property which works in your favor.


The fence material depends on how well you keep your house. With all the extra time in the world to make sure the exterior of your house looks impeccable, you could go with the fancy wrought iron fencing. This fencing in all of its strength and beauty requires sanding or repainting every two to three years - who can remember to do that? If you want the fence with the least maintenance, you can choose vinyl fencing. It resists paint, maintenance free, is five times stronger and four times more flexible than other wood fences. It's a little more costly than other materials, but it's worth the investment.

Finding a Contractor

In order to get the job done right the first time, you should research to find a reputable local fencing contractor in Horseshoe Bay that has the experience to do just that. This is very important. No matter who you choose, the contractor should be responsive, easy to work with, and should do what they can to give you the fence you imagined. Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. specializes in residential construction and does not sacrifice quality to save a dollar. With a combined 50 years of experience in the construction field, this team knows exactly what it is doing.

We can build a fence for you out of any material you'd like. If it's not listed on our site, then you can tell us the material you want and we'll make the arrangements to get it for you. During the whole project, our customer service representative will keep you in the loop for every step. The Benchmark Fence & Deck Co. team will work to correct any parts of the fence you may not be satisfied with as your satisfaction is our goal. When you've considered all three things and finally decide what kind of fence you'd like, we'll be happy to help!