Choose Vinyl Fence Installation Over Wood

Choose Vinyl Fence Installation Over Wood

Fences seem to exist for basic purposes: security, privacy, and aesthetics. Fences help dictate where one person's property starts and where the other person's property ends, settling disputes such as sick tree branches, whether or not your pet did business on your property or your neighbors. While fences exist for basic purposes, not all fences are created equally in terms of how they serve their basic purposes. Wooden fences were all the rage in the past, but with home improvement and our continuously busy lives, people have chosen to install vinyl fencing for their properties over wood due to its low maintenance. If you are deciding to install vinyl fencing or wooden fencing on your property, here are some things to consider to help determine what you'd prefer.

Durability: Since vinyl is made of plastic, vinyl fences can stand against wood fences nemesis, water. Too much moisture can cause an array of issues for wooden fences such as rot, termites, fungus, and many others that affect the durability of your fence - softwood is easy to bend and therefore easy to break. Vinyl, on the other hand, can stand against water, unless in extreme temperatures such as extreme cold to extreme heat, which can cause damage, and can last a lifetime with little help from you.

Aesthetic: As one of the basic purposes, aesthetics must be considered based on how much you value it. Wooden fences give properties a traditional look and vinyl gives the same look, but with less cleaning.

Maintenance: The overall benefit of vinyl fencing over wood fencing is the maintenance level. Over the years, wooden fences posts must be painted with a sealant to protect it from nature and in cases of rotten fences posts, must be replaced as the fence ages. Vinyl fences need little to no maintenance. They may need a spray from the hose, but the rain gets the job done and you don't have to do anything!

Price: Where vinyl fences may lose to wood fences is the initial cost. Vinyl fences cost much more upfront than wooden fences and depending on how long you stay on the property, you may choose wood over vinyl. If you plan to live on that property for a long time, vinyl fencing would be the best bet as the initial upfront cost is offset by its low maintenance. Wooden fences need more upkeep over the years and therefore cost more as time goes on.

When it comes to privacy and security and home improvement, both materials do the same job. Vinyl fence installation makes sense for the busy family who'd like to protect their privacy and property without needing to regularly maintain their fence. Although initially expensive, vinyl fence installation benefits a property owner in the long run as its durability withstands the elements better than wood. In any decision, whether you choose vinyl fence installation or wooden fence installation, Benchmark Fence & Deck Co., fencing contractors and home improvement experts, will gladly install vinyl fencing for you or give their experienced opinion to which material would best fit your situation.